6 Six Word Stories

Loved by life. Betrothed to Death.

His desire formed her formless body.

Humankind, where has your humanity gone?

Invest in yourself. You’ll love it.

Eight hours, building someone else up.

Imagine a world without bad apples.

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Give me the coloring book, Hollywood

Give me the coloring book, Hollywood.

This post is inspired by Disney’s announcement of Rachel Zegler being cast as Snow White.

I will never understand Hollywood’s decisions to race swap, white wash, or color in canon characters. At this point, you guys should be called Swapwood. This screenshot explains my feelings best about these choices:

Who is making these casting decisions? If you are trying to attract fandoms, you are succeeding and they are currently shapeshifting into every flying and stinging bug, Holly. We are tired of these reboots but mostly we are tired of these “woke” casting choices.

The past is past. What’s happened is already established. We have seen the movies and shows of white actors playing non-white characters. It’s done. You know what you can do?

Just leave the old alone and create something new. Explore the histories of the world. Europe is beautiful but so is Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Antartica. Explore the imagination of your mind. Explore the internet. There are so many talented people that are creating art on Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, deviantART, and more. Collaborate with them and give them chances. Show the beauty of the diversity in the world.



Somewhere in the sky

,in the rainbow, in the clouds

With the winged avatars of divine messages

I’ll come down and deliver it

Time will help us understand it

You’ll find me somewhere in the sky

High in the clouds

Close to the rainbow

Near the angels


© K.T. Blake 2020


Retailed #1 Excerpt: Wrong Barcode

At the register, Jess scanned the item’s barcode. ‘Invalid barcode’ came up on her screen.  She waved to Phil, the front end supervisor, for assistance.

“This is the tenth time. It’s not scanning.”

Phil shook his head. “It’s not the UPC.”

He pointed at the bottom of the object. Jess turned it and saw the real barcode. She rolled her eyes.  “Jesus Christ.”

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Life is Now

I am letting go of saying the phrase, “Life is short.” Life is now.

It is this moment. These seconds that turn into minutes. I am using my power in this moment. Not the past. That’s already happened. Learn from it and move on. Not the future. That hasn’t happened yet. If you are worried about your future, remember this: Whatever you do in these seconds (spoken words, mental/emotional/physical actions, choices you make) is what shapes your future.

Your power is most potent in the moment. Enjoy it. Be Wise. Be Blessed.


Relationship or Relationshi* ?

If you are not receiving love, trust, support, and respect from your partner, you are in a relationshit.

If you are changing yourself to be accepted, you are in a relationshit.

If you are wondering why your relationship is sinking, no longer floating on the sea of love, it’s due to those factors. You and your partner are not on a ship, you’re in shit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s monoracial, interracial, gay, straight, etc., a relationshit is a relationshit.

You are a soul, a holy trinity of body, mind, and spirit. If all of these things are not appreciated, then you are in a relationshit.

Be yourself. Love yourself. Know yourself. You will attract and meet the person that is your equal (not by society’s standards, but by the soul’s power).


Witchkind: A Vampire Diaries Fanfiction Short

In the beginning, there was Nature and Nature had magic. Through magic, Nature manifested Creation, the Universe. All things were born from its force: the Sun and Moon, the Stars and Earth, the Minerals and Plants, and the Animals and Humans.

As Creation evolved, Nature granted magic to a select few of humans. When they awakened their power and tapped into it, they became more than human and more of Nature. These people became and are known as Witches. Witchkind.

Over time, Witchkind gained knowledge from Nature and developed abilities. They could move things without physical touch. They could influence and control the elements and forces of Nature. They could cause changes through spells and rituals. They could do all that their mind allowed and was accepted in Nature’s realm. Power was available within them and around them.

Witches learned the laws that it made to protect its balance. This was the beginning of witchcraft. They used their gifts to heal and protect the Balance of Nature. They would pass the knowledge and skills to their next of kin. 

There  were some witches that used the gift of Nature for selfish reasons and began manifesting nefarious forms of sorcery. Other species were born such as Immortals,Werewolves, and Vampires. Different worlds and dimensions like the Other Side and Prison Worlds arose. These unnatural creations caused rifts within the witch communities and vilification from the humans.

In this day, Witchkind live among us. They strive to maintain the Balance of Nature, a journey that has started from the beginning of time and will continue until the end of days.


You are possible. Period.

Everything is possible. You are possible. Believe in yourself. Make your ideas, your dreams, your desire happen, If you want to do it, do it. No one’s stopping you but you.

Everything that exists now that you see was once an idea, a seed of a thought:

The clothes you wear. The foods you eat. The car you drive. The abode you live in. The books you read. The shows and movies you watch. The music you listen to. The money you spend. The job you have. It all started within you and it came to be.

You were born with the power to create and manifest. You’ve always had it. You are a child of the Creator/God/Goddess/Divinity. A drop of the Universe containing all its power. You are the great “I Am.” You just have to be aware and learn how to use it the benefit of you and others.


Words are seeds and gifts

Words are seeds that can be planted in the soil of our minds. In time, they may grow as beneficial or baneful.

Words are gifts, exchanges of thoughts and energies. There are some that we are happy to accept and others we bury in our mind’s closet.

They are powerful. They can cut like a knife and soothe like a balm. They can destroy countries and build communities. It all depends on how they are used.


The Witch’s Wish

The Witch’s Wish

“Magic is me. Magic is what I’m made of,” chanted the young witch to herself. As she said the words, she felt the rising and bubbling power within her. The little goddess skipped in the forest, a cathedral made of ancient trees. The rising sun shined through the trees, illuminating the green foliage.

Her curly hair was decorated with flowers and sprinkled with water drops that fell from the trees. In her fist was a lot of dandelion seeds. When she got to her location, she knew what she would do. She heard the birds chirping and singing their early songs.

The forest was where her family convened with others like them, practicing their powers. They whispered their secrets and desires to the wind up to the moon and stars. They conversed with the forest and its animal inhabitants. They would go to the spiders for their silky aids in their magic. She and her family had experienced peace and acceptance in their town but this would always be their safe and sacred spot. A nearby peak to reach the highest of Nature’s divinities, the Shining Ones, the Lord, the Lady, and the Spirits of the Beginning.

She stepped onto a rock, a cliff that overlooked her quaint town. She could see the time-honored buildings pretty clearly from such a height. She raised the seeds to her mouth and closed her eyes.

“Great Goddess, bring my companion to me. Thank you.”

She blew upon the seeds, charging them with the power. As she watched them float away in the wind’s current, her magic subsided, returning to its relaxed state. She did her part and she would wait patiently for Her to deliver the gift.

© K.T. Blake 2021




I am made of stardust. I burn bright.

Everything I touch sparkles and glitters.

I frolic in Mother Earth’s bounty.

I roam the fields with my brethren called beasts.

The Sun, my kin, beams upon me from the blue ceiling

I burn bright, lighting the world.

Source of Inspiration

Hope you enjoyed this. There’s more to come.

© K.T. Blake 2021


Writing Prompt by Song: Closer by Goapele


I’m floating. Not physically but it almost feels like I can.

My spirit is overflowing. I’m vibrating with a new energy.

Awakened. Inspired. Motivated to be.

With each small step, I make a large difference.

Learning. Practicing. Becoming.

The Universe in all its power, all its elements working with me to create the Dream.

© K.T. Blake 2021

My source of inspiration.


Writing Prompt by Song/Music

Music inspires me. It inspires all of us. So let it inspire you to write, my fellow writers.

Prompt by Song/Music Exercise:

Listen to a song, your favorite song or a new song. Find a playlist. Make one. Play the song

While you are hearing the words and melody, write your feelings and thoughts while listening to it. It might come out as a poem or a story. 

The point is to let it out in words and onto the paper or digital canvas. 

If you want, replay the song to keep you in the mindset until you are satisfied and done with your work. 

Just write. No editing. Just writing. Scribing.

This might help with other art forms as drawing or painting.  Try it. Let the imagination work and the art flow out of you.

©K.T. Blake 2021


4 Year Anniversary

WordPress just reminded me that I have been on the site for four years. For most of that time, I disappeared feeling uninspired. Now I’m back, posting my thoughts and reaching people. Thank you so much for the supports, the reads, the likes, and the comments.

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Retailed – Long Line

Tim walked to the front and found a long line stretching from the register. One of the customers noticed him.

“Are you here to help?”

An eyebrow raised. “Help what?”

“Help with the line? Duh. We’ve been here for five minutes.”

“Did you not see the other registers?” He pointed to the registers. Cashiers stood, starting transactions, some finishing them.

“Oh,” the customer looked sheepishly down at the floor.

Tim shook his head.”Talking some duh. Take your tone to register one. Dumbasses.”

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