Though our forms are different, We share the same essence. Remember this for you are sacred. You are divine and powerful. We are all equal. #Equal #EqualRights #EqualRespect #EqualLives

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Retailed – Long Line

Tim walked to the front and found a long line stretching from the register. One of the customers noticed him. “Are you here to help?” An eyebrow raised. “Help what?” “Help with the line? Duh. We’ve been here for five minutes.” “Did you not see the other registers?” He pointed to the registers. Cashiers stood, […]

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The Problem with #AllLivesMatter

There is nothing inherently wrong with the phrase #AllLivesMatter. It’s true. We all matter. Period. The problem is when and where this phrase is being put.   If an article is talking about situations involving Black/African American: #BlackLivesMatter. The same goes for situations involving Indigenous/Native Americans: #NativeLivesMatter Situations involving Women: #FemaleLives or #WomenLives   If […]

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Because of her

My grandmother passed away on the Winter Solstice of 2018.   I was on lunch break, eating in my car, just starting my break from work. I got a call from my mom, who never calls me at work. I ignored it (bad of me, I know). A few seconds later, I got a text. […]

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Stars Die

I wish I did more I wish I said more. I wish I loved you more. I wish you were still here. But they’re just wishes. No point wishing on a star For the stars die. As will I But I know we’ll see each other On the Other Side.

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Bullying is Terrorism

A bully is a terrorist, plain and simple. They intimidate and inspire fear in their target victims. The goal is to feel powerful by exercising power over another.  Yes, terrorism is used mostly in a political sense but let’s scratch that.   Terror – intense, overpowering fear. One that inspires such emotion. The ability to […]

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Green Garden Excerpt

I’ve got to get out of here. Thor felt the energy of the party weigh down on him. He scanned the room looking for the quickest exit. The door was his focus. He escaped the human labyrinth and quickly ventured into the foyer and out the door. He closed the door behind him, resting his […]

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Write what you want to read

Besides expressing our feelings and our imagination, what is the point of writing if we are not writing what we want to read? I search through Kindle, Google Books, bookstores, and libraries finding stories I connect with. Some of you have found those books, some of you haven’t.   “Well, why don’t you write it […]

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